Translation, Editing & Proofreading
Voice-overs & Narration
Cultural Consulting
Software Localization

Translation, Editing & Proofreading

At Babelos, the key to every successful translation lies in:

  • The skill and expertise of our translators
  • The rigor of our translation process
  • The exacting standards of our translation project managers

Extensive Human Translation Resources

We have a network of excellent linguists, and we ensure that all of our translators are native speakers of the target language and experts in their subject areas. They are rigorously selected professional translators, who are tested and evaluated by Babelos Translations.


Human Translation Quality Assurance

With our work process we are able to produce translations of the highest quality that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language. We assign three professionals: a translator, editor, and proof-reader to create each translation.

Voice-overs & Narration

For voiceovers of films, television commercials, or corporate training videos, Babelos has a large selection of professional talent available.
We provide native-speaking voiceover actors who have the expertise and voiceover experience to convey your message to both the global marketplace and local communities.

  • Lip synchronization
  • Documentary style
  • Voiceover narration

Our technical supervisors work with studio software to ensure perfect timing and the highest quality voiceover production values. We are also able to deliver your final files in any format you require.


Babelos’ subtitling experts are exceptionally skilled at transmitting your message clearly, concisely, in all our feature languages.
To create appropriate subtitles for your program, the dialogue must be carefully adapted to each language to maintain the meaning of the source content while the translator simultaneously condenses the length of the translation to ensure readability for the viewer. Babelos’ subtitling linguists are skilled at making editorial choices to facilitate this reduction to ensure that the subtitles are tailored to the nuances of your program and timed to coincide precisely with the dialogue.
Our subtitlers work with all major video formats including DVCam, HDCam, DigiBeta and Beta SP. Additionally, we can create custom solutions to meet your requirements for commercials, TV programs, Internet broadcasts, DVD, video, and cinema.


At Babelos, we leverage our knowledge of each client's operations and project requirements to create the ideal solution for your transcription assignments and offer tangible benefits to your firm. We offer

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Quality management system
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Industry specialization

We handle jobs including medical transcriptions, legal transcriptions, and corporate transcriptions and can customize our transcription services to best meet the needs of our clients based on industry and project type.


The Flexibility Our Clients Deserve
Whether your transcription project is small or large, on standard audiotapes or DVDs, in English or any other language, our dedicated account managers and production teams offer very comprehensive client service and are willing to meet any need.

Cultural Consulting

Languages are actually abstracts of unique cultures in written form. In order to communicate effectively with a target demographic it is necessary to account for the cultural elements that are intertwined with the language itself. In our cultural training process, we bring the sensitivities and nuances of culture to light. By utilizing our cultural consulting services, clients will be able to increase their employee’s cultural awareness of the undertones that affect the decision making of a target demographic.

Software Localization

Localisation (L10N) is a much broader process than translation. L10N involves the overall handling of content and computer programs so they function in other languages and cultures. This involves tasks such as:
Project Management
Translation and Cultural Adaptation
Source code, libraries, resources, screens, interfaces, content, help, manuals, etc. A different tool must be used for each one, but in a coordinated and coherent way.
All the factors that must be processed in order to localise a software application, in the correct order and following the steps required to produce the best results.