Key Facts

About Africa

In 2018, six out of ten of the world’s fastest growing economies were from Africa. Accelerated by rising industrialisation and mobile penetration, the continent’s economic promise continues to sustain the attention of the global business scene. Clearly, any company that seeks long-term expansion must include Africa in its business strategy.

Fast forward to 2030, when population numbers are set to rise to a whopping 1.7 billion. This population will consist of households with a high demand for innovative solutions to poverty, retail, energy, food security and more. These are opportunities waiting to be untapped. With the right strategy and localisation partner, the possibilities for your business are truly endless.


About The Rest of the World

Whether you’re seeking business growth in the European Union, China, India, the United States, Latin America or other parts of the world, the importance of localisation still remains and should never be overlooked.

With localisation, customers tend to have a better appreciation of the brand and its offerings. They feel understood, considered, regarded. Entry into new markets happens more seamlessly and faster, with less cultural barriers to face. This can do wonders for a business and its bottom line, re-emphasising why localisation must be at the core of any business growth strategy.