The Importance Of Localization In Today’s Global Market

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Have you ever found yourself using a product or service that just didn’t quite “fit” with your culture or language? Maybe the language used was too formal, or the graphics just didn’t resonate with your community. If so, sit tight, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of localization for global markets. Now,

How To Work On TWS XLIFF Tool

After downloading and installing the tool, Run the XLIFF editor, click on the “View” menu, scroll to “UI Mode”, select “Grid” (this will set the interface Grid mode which I believe is easier to use) Open the translation file in the XLIFF Editor. (Go to File > Navigate to the required location [where the xlz

2020 – Viral Videos and #600Years

2020 has been quite the year but amidst all the doom and gloom there were moments of joy and flashes of light. It was a year where we stayed at home more than any time in recent history, and thankfully, we had the internet, social media, digital entertainment to keep us inspired, connected and entertained.

How To Review Translated Strings on Memsource

Memsource is a popular Translation Management System. It is cloud-based, and also has an offline client for editing MemSource translation files (MXLIFF). We take a look at how to review strings in Memsource using the built in tools. After reviewing a translated string, click on the red X on the right of target, this will

The Power of Translation

The art of translation is a bridge that can open your business up to whole new markets by transporting your product or service from one language to another.

Top 3 Trends In The Translation Industry In 2020

Changing times like the one we are currently in this year, 2020, can be tough but that’s only one side of the coin. Change is ever constant and on the side of the coin, always comes with new opportunities. Machine translation and other advancing technologies will not replace human beings but instead, will augment humans, giving humans the opportunity to do what machines cannot – being human.

How To Handle Tags in Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor

While translating on the XLIFF Editor, you might encounter tags. Tags are elements that confer certain properties on a piece of text. Usually used in html, programming, etc. Tags can make text bold/colored, etc. when the text is rendered in final format. In our work, we need to keep the tags in their appropriate positions