Will Machines Take Over?

We asked professional translators their thoughts on machines taking over language translation; We got varied responses spanning the entire length of the answer pole. Hell, YEAH! For Muslimah, a translator who works with the English – Yoruba language pair, it is a foregone conclusion and only a matter of time before it takes over. In

How To Work and Navigate on Wordfast Anywhere

Login to Wordfast tool using appropriate credentials: URL: https://freetm.com/ Username: Password: On login, a window shows up with an instruction to ‘drag and drop documents’. It may be blank if no document has been added on, or it may show files which have been added on already. If the file you want to work on

The Dream Job – Playing Video Games

For many people, playing video games is what is done after work or that activity to sneak out to do during work hours to ease all the tension accumulated from paperwork. Now, what if we tell you you don’t have to sneak or wait till after work to play your video game? What if we

Amazon Unveils New Iteration of Neural Machine Translation Toolkit Sockeye

Researchers at Amazon, on the 11th of August, gave a comprehensive progress report made in the new iteration of the e-commerce giant’s open-source, sequence-to- sequence toolkit for neural machine translation (NMT) known as Sockeye 2. The original Sockeye 2 was introduced by the multinational technology company (Amazon) in July 2017 right after they bought the