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Hey There! Aran Kani baani? Well, I just greeted you in the Songhay language, want to learn more about the Songhay language and its people and culture? Then you’re probably reading the right article, because at the end of the article, you will learn some greetings of the Songhay language, so let’s start!  As an


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned there is a certain language called “Afrikaans”? Did you consider it a language of the African people, or did you think it is just another European, Asian or Mesopotamian language coincidentally bearing the communal name of the people of Africa – Africans (In


Can you guess the origin of the Yoruba language? The universe has birthed a variety of lingos and the Yoruba language is just one out of many; but definitely distinctly unique in its own way. The Yoruba language as most researchers have purported is a member of the Benue-Congo branch branch of the Niger-Congo language