March 02, 2021

How To Work and Navigate on Wordfast Anywhere

  1. Login to Wordfast tool using appropriate credentials:
  1. On login, a window shows up with an instruction to ‘drag and drop documents’. It may be blank if no document has been added on, or it may show files which have been added on already. If the file you want to work on isn’t there, you can drag it on there. If it is, then proceed.
  1. Open the file on the tool (double-click on it), and then start proofing

  1. When you get to the end of the block (page), you can move to the next block by clicking on the “View” menu button and clicking “Next Block

How To Navigate Within A File on WordFast

Below shows how you can navigate within a file on Wordfast

  1. When you open the file, you have the source and target columns as usual below
  1. You can start at the first segment. Double click on the translation field, and make the update required
  1. After making the necessary edits, click “Alt+End” to commit the translation OR click the “Close” button (circled in red below) – it will give options, you can take the “Close Commit” option.
  1. Click the Start/Next button (circled red below) in the Translation tab to move to the next string, OR use keyboard shortcut “Alt+Down”, OR simply double-click on the next string and proceed with translations
  1. If you encounter a message saying “Machine Translation (MyMemory) does not respond. Disable this engine for now, it will reactivate later automatically.”, select the option “Cancel
  1. Continue translations till you get to the end of page, segment 100. Then click on View > “Next Block” (circled in red)in the View tabto move to the next page (if there is a next page),  OR use the PgDn button on the keyboard
  1. When translation is completed, you can run the Transcheck  in the Review tab so it shows you any issues in the translation which can then be fixed.

As you work and commit the translations, they save to the cloud.

  1. When done with a file, click File > Close (as in image below) to close the file and move to the file list so you can select the next one