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    Exercise 1: Translation

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    Exercise 2: Source Understanding

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    Step 5




Please read the excerpts below and explain what they mean (in English). If needed, leave any comments that you may find relevant in the comments section.

Please note that some of these are plays on words/cultural references etc. It is recommended to do a thorough search to be sure you understand the source correctly
The explanation does not need to be long or exhaustive, it just has to illustrate that you understand the source text
It is advisable to include a comment on how you’d deal with translating these segments – you don’t need to provide a translation, we’re interested in your approach. For example, would you translate these segments literally (word-by-word); try to come up with a similar wordplay/reference applicable to your language or culture; omit this segment from your translation, etc.
For each source string below, enter explanation in the response box (Explanation in English - NOT Translation)