July 13, 2020

The Dream Job – Playing Video Games

For many people, playing video games is what is done after work or that activity to sneak out to do during work hours to ease all the tension accumulated from paperwork. Now, what if we tell you you don’t have to sneak or wait till after work to play your video game? What if we tell you playing video game is now THE JOB, and you get to do that literally all day! Exciting? Well, that is the sweet opportunity PlayStation presents, the real definition of a dream job! But… yes, we know you saw that coming, you have to be in Liverpool to be in the pool! And that’s not all, so sorry, you have to be able to speak Portuguese to remain in that pool.

Video gaming is a global sport that people, despite their backgrounds, love to indulge in but language differences may hamper the ability to have a full experience of the video games, hence the need for people around the world to have their favourite pastime activity in their native languages to help them enjoy the maximum experience a product like PlayStation offers. That said, localization is key to the appeal of a game in some of these markets.

PlayStation is looking to hire a localization tester for Portuguese, and this means applicants does not only have to know how to play video games, they also have to be fluent in Portuguese. 

The description as a localization tester is as follows
Localization testing:
 Test software to ensure all localized assets are correct from linguistic,
consistency and display points of view.
Localized assets review:
 Proof-read and correct translations before they are implemented into the games,
ensuring that quality, accuracy and consistency is maintained.
Translation work:
 Occasionally provide translations for games, the packaging text for console and
Other responsibilities:
 Assist other teams with general testing duties when required

 Assist with project and process related tasks
Skills, knowledge and experience:
 Fluency in English and one or more languages
 Passionate games player
 Good knowledge of computer games across multiple platforms
 Working knowledge of MS Office package
 Basic understanding of the development cycle and constraint