Who We Are

We are a multilingual solutions company offering a wide range of linguistic services – translation, transcription, web, mobile and game localisation, voice solutions and cultural consultation.

We are passionate about economic expansion. It’s the motivation behind our support of business growth and development in Africa and beyond.We do this by exposing them to the world through localisation and the delivery of premium linguistic services.

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We make communication as simple as the traffic light. Everyone on the road can read the signs.

The Company History


As the world transitions into a single global community, we pride ourselves in our ability to overcome cultural and lingual barriers, and play a key role in an inevitable transition.

With the dedication of the founding members and a technology savvy outlook, Babelos is poised to be a force in the African localisation industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create understanding and communicate our clients’ messages effectively, thus creating the freedom for our clients to focus on their core business. Effective communication requires an understanding of the complexities of a languages and its corresponding culture. Therefore, two very critical factors that characterise Babelos are emphasis on cultural nuance and attention to detail.

Our Vision

To bolster Africa's economic expansion by breaking communication barriers while preserving African culture and language.

Breaking communication barriers for & within Africa in the World

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