Life At Babelos

At Babelos, we live, breathe and dream communication. We also work hard (and smart) to meet our clients’ needs and provide timely solutions. 

We love the sense of adventure our work brings – there’s never a dull moment with the briefs that come in. It’s also what drives us to grow our skill-set. Thankfully, we can do so in a creative, nurturing environment.

Team Babelos

There are certain core values that guide, sustain and establish our work. You could say these values form our essence as a company.

Be solution-oriented

We don’t run away from problems. No, we face them head-on. We are constantly asking the right kind of questions to get the information we need to solve them.

Communicate with accuracy

We understand the power of language to make or break a client’s project. That’s why we make painstaking efforts to ensure accuracy is reflected across all communications.

Have a global mindset

The world is a global village. At Babelos, we are driven by this notion. It’s what shapes the way we ideate, the standard of work we produce as well as our general outlook.

Pay attention to detail

We understand we’re in the business of communication and paying close attention to details is a must. It’s a requirement for creating stellar work our clients can depend on for results.

Practice empathy

We are genuinely concerned about our clients and their needs. We are also respectful of each individual at all times. Notably, we display this level of consideration to our co-workers to help foster a supportive work environment.

Think: T.E.A.M.

We may be experts independently, but we’re never reluctant to lend a helping hand to a member of the team. Together, Everyone Achieves More for our clients as we aim to exceed their expectations.